IEEE International Workshop on

Information Forensics and Security

December 6-9, New York City, USA

Welcome to New York!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you at New York University for the 12th IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS) 2020. WIFS is the primary annual event organized by the IEEE Information Forensics and Security (IFS) Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. It aims to bring together researchers from relevant disciplines to discuss emerging challenges, exchange fresh ideas and share the state-of-the-art results and technical expertise in the ares of information security and forensics. The topics of interest include:

  • Data Privacy and Anonymity
  • Blockchain security and privacy
  • Biometrics
  • Digital Forensics and Analysis
  • Watermarking and Content Protection
  • Surveillance
  • Usability and Human Factors
  • Human Aspects of Information Integrity
  • Network Security
  • Physical Layer Security
  • Security of Cyber-physical Systems
  • Steganography & Covert Communications
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Hardware Security
  • Information Theoretic Security
  • Economics of Information Integrity

The main theme of WIFS’20 is “Living in Synthetic Reality”. We aim to explore the impact of synthetic content generation on information integrity and encourage discussion and awareness of its impact on the society. We will host special sessions, keynote speakers and hands-on tutorials. Stay tuned!


  • 29 May 2020 - We are pleased the announce two accepted special sessions: Forensic Detection of AI Synthesized Media and Lessons Learned from the ALASKA2 Image Steganalysis Challenge
  • 20 April 2020 - Call for Special Sessions
  • 6 Dec 2019 - Launch of the WIFS'20 Website